Unlikely Gifts

 Sometimes we can only sparkle in the darkness. We need to be laid low to rise up and face great loss to receive great gifts. These gifts are unexpected and unbidden. They take you by surprise in the wake of your fear and in the eye of your grief. They redefine what it means to be “successful” or “powerful”. And they ensure you win – even when you lose.

Sophie’s story of receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis is an example of what’s possible when it seems as if the well of possibilities has run out. It is not a tale of miracle cures or beating the odds. She still has cancer. It is about finding purpose in pain and plucking unlikely gifts from a terrifying situation. It’s about catching curve balls in full flight and landing on fresh new ground. It’s about coming out from behind a thousand bushels and daring to shine.


Sophie Sabbage is the author of The Cancer Whisperer. She was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer at the age of 48 and has since been on a remarkable journey of healing and renewal, while continuing to live with her disease.

She drew on over twenty years of professional experience in the field of personal development and mindset change to navigate the emotional and psychological challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Her mentor for many years was a direct student of Viktor Frankl, Carl Rogers and Alan Watts. She wrote the book to help other cancer patients have a transformative rather than terrifying experience – whatever the ultimate outcome. It was an instant bestseller in the UK and was published in the USA by Penguin Random House in January 2017.

B.C. (before cancer), Sophie ran a consulting company that delivered leadership training and culture change programmes to large organisations in the private and public sector for over twenty years.

She is also a speaker and facilitator who continues to offer courses to the general public through the More To Life programme as well as to cancer patients and their families. She writes for Psychology Today, Medium.com, The Huffington Post, Welldoing.org and for some UK newspapers. She has made numerous media appearances since the publication of her book just one year after her diagnosis.

She is happily married to John Sabbage and has a seven-year-old daughter, Gabriella. She lives in Kent.

Website: http://sophiesabbage.com/

Facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/thecancerwhisperer/

Twitter: @sophiesabbage