Resilience: The Emotional Capital in Young People

Jay Baughan presents an insight into youth resilience, lifting the lid on the often used term and showing how by defining and then measuring the 10 social emotional skills, it is possible to empower young people to build and maintain resilience – and that this has a value – as individual and collective emotional capital.

Too often society thinks that resilience is born into us, and not nurtured. Jay reveals his international work and collaborations for building resilience within communities through these 10 social emotional skills and Emotional Intelligence. He also introduces how in the UK, United Arab Emirates, Ghana and Nigeria he is currently measuring these skills to pinpoint levels of youth resilience as their emotional capital – looking at this by Age, Gender and Location.

Join Jay for a fascinating whistle-stop insight into Resilience: The Emotional Capital in Young People.

Video here:

About Jay:

Since 1988 Jay has been living and working within some of the most challenging and dangerous environments around the world, giving him a unique perspective on human behaviour. An emotional development specialist and social entrepreneur, internationally Jay is focused upon establishing the capability and a structure for social emotional development within education, youth development and community inclusion projects.

Based out of the UK and the UAE, Jay is a popular international speaker providing audiences with fascinating new insights into how to build Resilience, drawing upon his research and case studies to unveil the building blocks of Resilience and how to nurture this within communities.

The founder of SEDi (Social Emotional Development Institute), Jay created a global approach to establishing and supporting a grass-root specialist capability in social emotional development across the world. He created the first regulated knowledge-to-practice professional qualification which sets a quality standard for the development of Resilience within communities, and his international collaborations and partnerships enable SEDi to provide a rich multi-expert, physical and digital environment for communities to adopt and to nurture Resilience.

His global research into Emotional Capital within communities, defines, measures and reveals the prevailing social emotional skills within communities and levels of Resilience.