1 punch can kill

April 14th 2012 changed Jamie’s life forever-this was the date his 19 year old nephew was murdered by a 14 year old boy, after seeing how much destruction it caused his family, he made a decision to tell young people how their actions can have serious consequences.

Jamie gives his “1 punch can kill” workshop to schools, colleges, universities, youth offender institutes & Prisons. His forthright, passionate & direct delivery gains respect from pupils and has immense impact. Jamie works with groups and also one to one mentoring on the subject of Bullying and how no matter what you face, you can’t underestimate the power of “forgiveness”.

The work has lead him to delivering inspirational & motivational key note talks to local authorities, Youth support Services, Travelling communities, dysfunctional families, & problematic youths. Jamie has a long running business in plastering, something he’s known since he was 13 & a half, with this he talks of the importance of “character” not just for starting up and owning your own business, but more importantly the “Employability” principles of EFFORT, SACRIFICE, RESILIENCE & STRUGGLE are discussed to give the pupils a rock solid foundation on which to build on. In addition he speaks about how the subject of “Pain” can be used and channeled to get you to where you want to get to, and make you the person you want to become.

Jamie has received awards and has had magazine interviews and a BBC programme made about him. Whether Jamie is educating, inspiring or motivating about consequences of our actions, business, or lifestyle he has gained comparisons to USA sensation, Eric Thomas.


“The talk from beginning to end just hit me full on. I was gripped through the entire presentation. Incredible, moving, inspiring & emotional is how I would describe it. It’s definitely something every young person needs to hear for themselves. “Karyn