“Why goals alone do not work and what’s missing in order to Achieve Success”

Derek Mills discovered a new idea that everyone in the last century had missed when it comes to goal achievement. He was a failed businessman after 17 years of trying until after a ‘10-second insight’ he started utilising the missing-link to goals success.

Most people and businesses set goals in order to achieve, yet research shows that most people, in most places, miss most of their goals, most of their lives. Therefore, a new way of thinking and being was born.

THINK: It’s the Standards that we operate our lives and businesses by, on a Daily basis, that determine whether we hit or miss our goals. Not the goal itself. Therefore Daily Standards are paramount. This idea changes everything about what we should focus on, both personally and professionally.

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aCgvVDSCn0

About Derek

You have heard of superstar business gurus who seem to have led a charmed life, having success after success in their 20’s and throughout their lives. This is not the path that Derek Mills took.

Derek speaks about the critical ONE THING which causes millions of would be entrepreneurs and businesses to fail.  Derek shares his life stories and experience to reveal the truth. For him, there is no theory, but a life of suffering and then revelation about how we each need to live and how we must run our businesses in order to connect with more customers and clients and to make us stand apart from any crowd.

Author of The 10-Second Philosophy®, Derek is the coach’s coach and the adviser’s adviser. He speaks and lives authentically and shares how every business owner and leader can do the same for massive impact using the Daily Standards philosophy and practices. The principles have been shared by Derek on 5 continents.

From being broke and depressed after discovering the critical ONE THING,  he made his first £1M within 3 years with the same products and services, in the same role, where he’d been previously failing.

  • An expert on the forthcoming movie about the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (the bestselling personal development book of all time)
  • A former Advisory Board Member at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.
  • A Fellow of the British American Project (for future leaders).
  • An Award Winning Film Producer.

Derek has worked with FTSE100 companies, English Premier League scouts (Chelsea and Leicester City) and footballers, business owners, wealth managers and other coaches.

Website: www.DailyStandards.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DailyStandards/