• What if the people of the Amazon rainforest have a message for us?
  • What if they hold the key to our happiness . . . and survival?

In a compelling mix of jungle stories, poetry and insight Jon will introduce us to the people of the rainforest and weave a picture of a world few of us will ever visit. He will share an invitation they have for each of us and demonstrate how utterly relevant this is to our individual happiness and to our collective survival. Expect to be engaged, provoked and inspired.


Jon is an author, speaker and poet. Since the publication of his book, Your Planet Needs You, he has spent 10 years travelling the world with a wake-up call for humanity, and supporting the emerging network of citizens working for a sustainable, just and peaceful future.

In this work he has advocated for, learned from and been inspired by indigenous people in both South and North America. Now, having spent a year living in Ecuador, Jon and his wife are setting up Friends of the Forest, a worldwide network of people standing in support of, and solidarity with, the people of the Amazon.


Jon offers two contributions in service of a future worth choosing;

  • Delivering inspiration through speaking, books, poetry and blogging
  • Facilitating transformation as a coach and workshop leader

In moments of grace these can happen simultaneously, anywhere.


The Orthodox Bit: 40 years in the UK, a good university education, raised two wonderful children, 10 years blue-chip business experience, set-up and sold my own businesses, successful coach, consultant and speaker with Europe’s largest companies

Transformation: I could no longer put off “doing something for the world” (2003), sold my business, began to search for the most effective contribution I could make

Contribution: wrote Your Planet Needs You (2006), head-hunted by the Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco (2007), spent 8 years traveling the world as Outreach Director inspiring and training change agents, creating a global network of activists, spent a year in Ecuador supporting indigenous communities in new trading activities (2015)

Current Activities: speaking and leading transformational activities internationally, writing poetry, blogging at, coaching

My Inspiration: indigenous people clinging to alternative world-views that hold clues to our common future, my wife, the moments when I can see beauty in nature, poetry, being a catalyst for transformation