Promoting Resilience through sight loss: the view from inside my head and a community view

In this Tedx talk Rhiannon will share her personal experience of sight loss, she describes sight loss as akin to a grieving process, how mindfulness has been useful in promoting her resilience,  the importance of humour and will relate these experiences to being part of a community both in the workplace and through home life.

Rhiannon Tudor Edwards is professor of health economics at Bangor University, specialising in public health economics and economics of disability. With colleagues, Rhiannon has published over 100 academic papers and has an impressive grant income record. She was a Commonwealth Fund Harkness Health Policy Fellow in 2004/5, when she, her husband Paul, two children and guide dog Vikki spent a year in the US, based at Group Health in Seattle. She is a fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and an honorary member of the Faculty of Public Health. As a trained mentor, she has a proven track record in mentoring PhD students and early career researchers some of whom are visually impaired. She is passionate about enabling young people living with disabilities to participate fully in the worlds of work, sport and social activity.

Rhiannon has Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye condition which results in gradual, and ultimately total, sight loss. She has been a guide dog owner since 2002. Her current guide dog , Jazz , enables her to travel independently throughout the UK as part of her work at Bangor University.

Rhiannon Tudor Edwards Biography