S McKeand TedX Holyhead 2016

A bit about my talk:
I am a Community Poet who is lucky enough to witness everyday the ways in which creativity can help people to evolve and grow. This is how we change the world – one individual at a time. Poetry, storytelling, music, art, literature and theatre all generate a shift within the soul so that every time someone new picks up a pen a tiny revolution occurs – this shift is as groundbreaking as any great declaration signed by the leaders of the world, it is a metamorphosis of seismic proportions.

Sophie McKeand is a self-employed poet and educator from Y Gogledd Cymru whose work explores Community Artistry: engaging with The Arts to build stronger communities. She is the Young People’s Laureate for Wales 2016-2018. She won the Out Spoken Innovation in Poetry Award in 2015, was longlisted for the Poetry Society‘s National Poetry Competition in 2014 and will be the Poet in Residence at Focus Wales Festival in 2016. She has been published in the likes of Poetry Wales, Dark Mountain, Earthlines and Tears in the Fence, and her second poetry pamphlet Hanes was launched November 2015, accompanied by a promotional tour of Cymru. Performances include Wenlock Poetry Festival, Green Man, Wilderness and Focus Wales Festival as well as being writer/producer on various projects for National Theatre Wales TEAM.
Sophie regularly facilitates workshops for organisations such as Literature Wales, Arts Council Wales, Age Cymru and Barnardos with a focus on working with marginalised groups in society.


“Sophie writes poems in which strange, old, true things are forced into contact with the present. They twist and turn and you never get quite what you expect from them, which is what gives them their power… some of the most interesting poems I’ve read in a long while. Genuinely original.”
– Paul Kingsnorth

“An allusive, restless sensibility turned outwards to the world; her words have heft, they grasp their way out of poetry into landscape.”
– Jay Griffiths