Speaker’s Name: Dr Michael Cassop Thompson

Job Title:  I define myself and reject one-dimensional labels

Company: Cassop Thompson Ltd

Mobile Number: 07870697830

Email Address: mct114@hotmail.com

Speaker Biography

Dr Michael Cassop Thompson has been employed in senior roles throughout the education and leisure sectors for over 25 years. These roles include: Manager, Assistant Director and Director. Although Michael works on a variety of diverse projects, he has a particular interest in creativity, strategy and marketing. He does however reject these labels and is simply interested in the richness of life not captured by traditional titles. A regular presenter, he recently presented to The Call Centre Conference, The Training and Development Summit, The Education Forum, Leeds Beckett Research Conference,   The Institute of Sport and Physical Activity, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, West Yorkshire Sport, The Sports and Leisure Forum, the Calderdale Project, Leeds Metropolitan University and The University of Sunderland.

Title of Presentation

It Does Not Have To Be This Way! Creating New Worlds, Community by Community

Many people are actively seeking to be creative and apply new thought for the benefit of their communities. New thought is needed now more than ever to address issues such as inequality, gun crime, animal cruelty, war and poverty to name just a few. New thought development within and by communities offers one means by which broader change may be effected. Unfortunately, many of us are merely “ functionaries of existing thought” and thus significant change is rare (Werner, 2012). This status quo must change for the betterment of humanity. Therefore, how communities may create and use new thought is of great importance.

Key Points of Presentation

  • New thought (creativity) what it is, why we should develop it and how we can develop it
  • How new thought benefits communities and allows them to effect change at local and global levels
  • Examples of community creativity influencing the wider agenda (i.e. the W K story)
  • The potential butterfly effect of community thought


Key “Takeaways” Include:

  • A rejection of conventional wisdom that emphasises the application of existing thought to existing and new problems
  • How we can develop new thought within local communities
  • How we can disperse  new thought community by community