Living in a competitive world promotes selfishness. We keep secrets. We protect our ideas. We see sharing as a weakness. Sadly, it’s a long road from insisting to our kids that ‘sharing is caring’!
Jon Woodall built a technology business from scratch, fighting for every competitive advantage and resisting any opportunity to share. And then something changed. He now preaches an altogether different ethos. One of reaching out across a wider community and collaborating with ideas and advantages. The results have been nothing less than remarkable.


Jon Woodall was always fascinated in all things digital. And he’d run his own business since the age of 24. So in 2008 he decided to mix business and pleasure and founded ‘Space 48′ which now employs a team of 37 who help retailers develop eCommerce platforms.
Jon’s perspective changed in 2013 when he decided to set-up a conference. Initially he saw it as a marketing tool, but soon realised that he wanted to create something more fundamental. So he gathered suppliers, industry experts, platforms and clients together with his own competitors. Tickets sold fast, and then he panicked! Was he about to give away the secrets of his success?
Suffice to say that things have been very different ever since. Jon was listed in the 2015 ’42 Under 42’ by North West Insider and was a finalist for the IOD Northwest Director of the year awards. Space 48 continues to flourish. Jon remains at the helm, still passionate about business and technology, but also focused on helping people better themselves. He is excited about talking at TEDx Holyhead but equally looking forward to listening and learning from other speakers.