Martin Murphy is an international coach, trainer, speaker and writer specialising in peak performance, leadership, teamwork and human behaviour. He has a rich reservoir of experiences to draw upon and a broad foundation of personal research and insights to share with clients. Martin’s  mission in life is to help people who are ready to make a difference, unleash their purpose, passion and potential.

Martin’s life’s journey has given him a unique perspective on human behaviour. He’s developed various leading edge tools which he shares in the corporate arena and his personal website is here: The POWER Coach

Martin believes that in today’s economic, environmental and social climate, it will be high performing individuals, working effectively together, who will be the vanguard into a brave new world. A world which is an environmentally sustaining, socially just and personally fulfilling place to live and work.

If you’d like to contact Martin find him on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter: @POWERCoachMurph