Jo Hinchliffe Biog

By day Jo is a freelance training designer, facilitator, community developer and author.. working a cross a wide variety of sectors from innovation incubators to health promotion. Aside from this Jo (aka concretedog) is also a maker, an electronics hobbyist, a machinist, a musician, an artist and  general tinkerer.  An advocate of self led learning Jo’s playful approach to development keeps him fresh, usually getting involved in interesting projects!

Jo’s Talk

Jo will describe how using the idea of “purposeless play” he set off on a journey in 2012 which has led to him being actively involved in many DIY space projects, from experimental drive systems to micro satellites, rocketry and avionics to European space research organisations! Along the way he will talk about the communities he has helped develop,  skills he has gained and the open learning environments he has encountered.