The acronym REALISE represents

Resilience, Engagement, Adaptability, Liberation, Innovation, Supportive, Enterprising.

On April 1st TEDxHolyhead is happening at the Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, Anglesey. The event begins with networking and registration at midday, talks begin at 13.30pm. Our speakers for TEDxHolyhead this year will represent just some of the potential present in communities everywhere. We’re moving psychologically away from top down hierarchical bureaucracies;  towards an era of family and community. What you hear and see in the news is a last stand by the old guard, what you don’t hear about is the transformation that’s occurring one individual, one community, one enlightened leader or one social business at a time. Below the level of the corporate media, you’ll find a much stronger economy, resilient communities and bags of potential just waiting to be unleashed,  moving us all towards a brave new world.

I hope you’re as excited as I am that TEDxHolyhead is coming back to Anglesey. We’re punching well above our weight when it comes to the calibre of speakers, but just as important is the audience. The networks and connections you’ll make on this day will hopefully lead to some amazing projects and friendships moving forward.

And if that isn’t enough to persuade you to come along, then how about the Firewalk that is happening just after the last talk has finished? What a way to end the night!

Looking forward to an incredible day, see you all soon.

Regards Martin

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